Theatre Season Starting – Mark your calendars!!!

The Stark County District Library will be launching their 2011-2012 theatre season with “A Very Merry Who-ville Christmas“.  The really great thing is we are launching the new season in our NEW HOME!!!  That’s right…thanks to the Stark County District Library, the Little Theatre Troupe has a place where we can rehearse, practice and put on our performances.  We will be operating out of the Education Center at 1014 Cleveland Ave. NW.  That is the church-like building right behind the Canton Civic Center.  This is where we have held our final performances in the last few years.

Auditions for A Very Merry Who-ville Christmas will be held Tuesday, September 13 and Thursday, September 15 at the Education Center.  Auditions start at 6pm on both days.  This production is for actors between the ages of 5 and 13.  Every child in that age group that auditions will receive a part, no one is ever left out.

Also, mark your calendars for the Friends of the Little Theatre Troup Fall Fest.  It will be held in the Education Center on Saturday, September 17.  More details shortly.


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11 responses to “Theatre Season Starting – Mark your calendars!!!

  1. julz

    I have a 7yo boy interested.
    what time?
    how long will we be there?
    do we need to plan to be there on BOTH tues & thurs?
    what is the fall fest on saturday?
    thank you, julz

    • Hi Julz!

      The auditions start at 6pm both nights. You only have to be there one of the two nights – whichever fits into your schedule the best. I would plan on being there about 2 hours. (It depends on the number of children auditioning). The Fall Fest is an actual meeting of the Friends of the Little Theatre Troupe but in a fun way. There will be a little Troupe Business, food, fun, entertainment, and it is all free. There will be more details coming out about that probably next week.

      Thanks for asking and hope to see you and your son there. I know LTT has done wonders for our son.

  2. Didn’t know about the fall fest either as I’m sure a lot of parents do not. We used to get a flyer in the mail about this. I think it is going to be a very small group this time.

  3. Chris

    Honestly, why was my comments deleted. I was just trying to help. I know a lot of families go to the library website for their information and it wasn’t updated. I would have never known of the auditions if I didn’t have a friend that worked at the library and she called me when Carol came in with the flyers!!! Luke loves the LTT and it saddens me that I didn’t get a response, I was deleted as well.

    • Chris,
      Emails have been sent out to all of the LTT families on all of these matters. Evidently you have not been getting them. I have put a change in to the library for their website and will follow up with them. No one has deleted any comments on the blog. I am looking at 4 comments here that I will address. The Fall fest is 1-4 on Saturday, September 17 at our new home – The Education Center. That is where we always held the final performance.

      We are using the same email account as we always had, it looks like your email may be different. Did you change it since the last play? I will forward emails to the new address listed below to bring you up to speed. If your email changes in the future, be sure to let us know.


  4. julz

    Thank you for asnswering my email.
    We are planning to attend this evening.
    Any suggestion for how to prepare my child for this tonight?
    is it a stressful environment? im guessing not, since everyone gets a part.
    thanks in advance. looking forward.

  5. Chris

    Julz, it is not stressful at all and Carol makes it a lot of fun for the kids. Nothing to prepare for except if he would like to sing a short song for Carol. Sometime she has some kids sing and other times not. Usually the older kids are the ones she asks to sing. He’ll be speaking in front of Carol in a group of kids around his age. Parents are in a separate area for a parent meeting while the auditions are taking place. I guess that is all you would have to prepare him for is that you won’t be in the same room. Welcome to Little Theatre :-) I’ll be bringing 4 kids tonight. Two boys aged 9 and 5 and a friends girl aged 5 and her son aged 6.

  6. julz

    Oh thank you so, soo much for telling me this before i almost made a wasted trip to canton! he is definitely NOT going to like me being in another room while he’s with people he doesnt even know yet. and, honestly, im no comfortable with that idea either.

  7. Julz, it is only for a short time and he is with all the other kids and the director Carol and another assistant. While the kids are auditioning the parents are getting paperwork taken care of and what not. If he is REALLY apprehensive about being separated from you, I think you would be allowed to stay in the room with him. We want to make you and your son as comfortable as possible. It is a great opportunity for kids to come out of their shell. When my youngest did his first play I wasn’t sure that he would even say his lines but he got up there and even said the line loud enough to be heard :-) I hope I didn’t scare you away. It really is a great program. If you email me at I can give you my phone number if you would like to call me.

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